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This is the record that first turned me on to Hawkwind back in 1971 ... 'X In Search of Space'
(This is also Dave Brock's favourite Hawkwind album!)

Hawkwind at the beginning of the 2000 NZ/Oz 'Welcome to the Future' Tour

Rear, left to right: Harvey Bainbridge (keyboards/vocals), Dave Brock (guitar/vocals/keyboards), Jerry Richards (guitar/vocals/keyboards) and Steve Taylor (bass)
Front, left to right: Richard Chadwick (drums/percussion) and Simon House (violin)

Also appearing on the tour was of course Kris Tait (fire breathing and dancing) and also the Solar Fire Light Show from the US.

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Sent: Wednesday, 23 February 2000 4:00 AM
Subject: Hawkwind have been to Byron and conquered

Hi everyone,

Wwwwwwooooooowwwwweeeeeee! What a gig! Well worth waiting thirty years for ...

I've just arrived back in Brisbane from The Great Northern Hotel in Byron Bay, two and a half hours away.

Hawkwind kicked off at 9:30 for an hour, then had a twenty minute break and returned for another hour, plus an encore (after everyone just kept chanting 'Hawkwind, Hawkwind, ...').

I asked beforehand if there was such a thing as a set list ... I was told no, it all went according to Dave's feelings at the time, and every gig was different.

Amongst others (about 18 in all) they did Motorway City, Assault and Battery, Warrior on the Edge of Time, Assassins of Allah, Spirit of the Age, Free Fall and Shouldn't Do That.

Absolutely mind-blowingly brilliant! (Despite a few glitches, like when security got up on stage and tried to get Kris the fire breather to stop her performance - she went off stage for a short while, then returned, obviously after hotel management had decided that it probably wasn't too much of a fire hazard ;-)

The light show complemented the music perfectly.

There were about 200 people there, just enough that there wasn't too much of a crush in 'The Backroom' at The Great Northern Hotel. The audience were a mix of Byron-type people, Mullumbimby-type people, visitors from far and wide (Colin from Manchester told me he'd last seen Hawkwind at Stonehenge 22 years ago), old and young.

Although some naturally-grown and some chemical 'enhancement' was apparent in the audience, and the bar staff were working overtime to service everyone there, it really wasn't necessary once the music started - it was just naturally enhancing ... %~)

Afterwards there was a line-up out the back of people wanting LP covers and tour pamphlets and posters signed. Invitations to post-gig parties flowed freely. Dave and Kris were last seen heading off to the beach in the dark.

When I asked Harvey when they were coming back to Oz, he said they'll probably come back to live! (They have friends living in Byron Bay.) If only ...

The only complaint I heard was about the lack of publicity - most of the people I talked to said they had heard of the gig through the grapevine.

I've attached a (monochrome scan) jpg of the tour flyer (signed by Steve and Harvey!)

The tour poster is too large to scan in, but reads:

Paradigm Records Present
The Legendary Masters Of
Psychedelic Space Rock
First Time Ever In Australia

+ Solar Fire Light Show
+ Local Support

Fri 18th Feb Appearing Live At
Midnight Happy Valley
Cataract Park - Appin
Tue 22nd Feb: Great Northern
Byron Bay
Thu 24th Feb: Metro - Sydney
Advance Tickets 9264 2666
Info Visit:

Merchandise available included posters ($6), T-shirts and CDs ($30).

Enjoy the Newcastle and Sydney gigs, you lucky people that are going!

Tony M.

[And here are links to reviews of the Sydney gigs by Anthony, Marty Lawrence, Russell Hammond, Sonique and Steve Overmyer, a link to a NZ Herald story/review of the NZ part of the tour, and pictures and a narrative review "ON TOP DOWN UNDER" of the tour written by Jim Lascko who did the light show.]

Hawkwind were at the ABC studios in Sydney on Thursday 24th February for a live set before a studio audience, for "live" music show Studio 22. The show went to air on Thursday 20th July 2000 at 11:15pm. It was recorded by quite a few Hawkfans ...

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